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    just picked up a bong at my local head shop for 65$ do you guys think its worth it what do you think? any name suggestions? now for the eye candy
    size compared to soda can
    thickness of glass
  2. Omg thats sick! Looks like a smaller version of my first bong. I hit a bong that size recently...real smooth hits and got me way high.
  3. ive got a bong similar to that. hits real smooth. its a little larger than that but the swirl down the tube makes for a great handle. enjoy
  4. Sick bong bro. The picture makes it look a little small for $65. You think you could post some more photos ?
  5. i mean yeah its a pretty small bong im guessing around 8 inches but its really thick glass and it came with a pretty nice slide that i already broke because i was so stoned me and my friends smoked an eighth out of it last night
  6. new pic up
  7. name it ping in honor of all its chinese brothers


    that's funny as fuck
    but ya 65 is kind of a rip for that china glass, but if it gets the job done, enjoy it
  9. shoulda talked them into 50$ or 45$
  10. My buddy picked up a similar piece for $35. But I guess it isint that bad, idk next time you have to talk them down a bit..
  11. well i mean its pretty thick glass and im pretty sure its not Chinese i forget the blowers name how ever i think its local
  12. I have the same design but dif colors, and mine was $50

  13. did it come with a nice slide?
  14. soooooo they kinda made like a 45-50 dollar profit off you :(

  15. I'm sorry dude but that is the textbook definition of china glass. No way was that blown local. $65 is pretty expensive for a grommet.
  16. oh well i like it i could of gotten one like double the size for 80 but i kinda like the fact that its small
  17. They really played you... But don't feel bad it happens to everyone one time or another...

    Back when I was a noob I bought this shitty spoon for $40, so I know how you feel.
  18. It doesn't matter if it's China glass or not. As long as the bong tokes nice and you like it, it's all good
  19. I dont know. That seems pretty spendy for a chinese grommet bong. You can bag a GonG from EDIT for that much..
  20. well i mean it hits insane and it came with the sickest boston celtics slide which im pretty sure is what cost the $$ out of the bong it was a crazy slide

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