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  1. so i recently got a 250ml EHLE and love it but, i stupidly got it without the ice notches. thankfully my friend wants to buy it off me for 90 bucks so i was thinking should i go for the 500ml model with IC of course or a 250ml one with ice notches and maybe an ash-catcher? what do you guys think?
  2. also i live with my rents but have a big enough hiding spot for the 500 so size isnt much of an issue
  3. lol you ripping your friend off? whatever.

    I would get the 250ml w/ icecatcher or diffsor
  4. hah yea well i wasn't going to rip him off but he offerd me the money so i couldn't deny and by friend i really mean a guy i know and have hung with a couple times.
  5. oh i gotcha.

    Did you shop online?you can get the ehle and stuff at EDIT. But yeah, deff get a diffsor. they have nice ashcatchers here on GC by molino. Specifically the clear one. pretty cheap.
  6. yea i got mine online

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