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    went to need a new hole (local head shop) planned on jus buying some king size papers ended up buying this. there's a quick vid of another new bong I got on page 2.

    [ame=""]YouTube - new bong[/ame]

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  2. is that "head" section a functioning perc or just for appearance? Either way it looks dank.
  3. that alien head is fuckin tight man, gotta make sure you keep that shit clean so everyone can see
  4. I got a new ash catcher:smoking:[ame=""]YouTube - new ash catcher[/ame]
  5. nice. how much was each?

  6. the bong was 120$ and the ash catcher was 25$
  7. that bongs insane!! lovin the skull

  8. yea the skull perk is what made want it so bad :smoking:
  9. I think its complete Ive now spent a total of 160$ on it.:smoking:
    [ame=""]YouTube - gettin stoned with my new love[/ame]
  10. riiighton bro nice purchase. iv gota ? howmuchn do they sell those K-clips for over athere. i have been living in windsor for the past yr now and this place does not have much to offer but thats a nice purchase for 160
    should meet up n burn one somtime iv got some pritty nice glass aswell.:smoke:
  11. Damn man nice pick up for 160. Shit looks so smooth how id love to steal it for my own use.
  12. I got another new bong my buddy seen my new bong and offered to sell me his cuz he didn't like it haha he said it gave him panic attacks got it for 50$ he only bought it 3 weeks ago for double that I couldn't resist.:smoking:

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  13. nice bong, nice to see more people using k clips, they really are handy

    I'd get 2 more if I were you, lock every joint that you don't pull off. (joint from ashcatcher and perc)

  14. yea thats a good idea im pretty good at breaking shit
  15. :smoking::smoking::smoking:

    [ame=""]YouTube - quick hit[/ame]
  16. [ame=""]YouTube - lil hoot[/ame]
  17. wow that a nice bong man I thought mine was good with 1 perc. and ice chamber but damnnnnnnn yours is off the hook and damn you got a nice place have all that plant big screen and nice bong. Just curious how old are you? and is weed legal in Canada or just some places?

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