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  1. Tell me this isn't one of the best looking mini bongs you'll ever see. I just got this 2 days ago from someone I know for $30. It was originally purchased at my towns head smoke shop. It's 9 inches tall but the guy I got it from didn't have a slide unfourtinately. I'm getting one tomorrow and I can't wait to rip this work of art. The company that made it was KAOS ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415925907.649800.jpg

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  2. I like it!

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    looks real nice a good portable bong.  I'm blowing glass now days and colored borosilicate glass is $20 a pound.
    You got a good deal.
  4. It's soft glass not boro.

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  5. Definitely not one of the best mini bongs I'll ever see.

    But a good scoop at $30 for sure!

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