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  1. Originally marked at $50 at my LHS but I picked it up for $45 with a free $20 coffin case for my spoon and a free $6 glass cig one hitter. The glass is about 5mm thick, four slit diffuser, and it's hard to tell but the bowl is pinched rather than having a hole straight through.

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  2. No one cares?
  3. I don't know much about bongs but that seems like a really good deal to me :D I'd definately buy that for $45.
  4. daammnn u got a good deal, and mini bongs def have their place in society
  5. looks good man but watch your water levels, looks like you could get some splash back with that shit
  6. looks like a solid little piece.

    enjoy her!
  7. You're so cool.

  8. I own one that's a 2 ftr and it's my favorite bong seems like some people on gc nowadays seem different.i posted a thread about why Mary makes thc and I never had anyone post.
  9. [quote name='"Jugglist"']

    You're so cool.[/quote]

    Dude chill why the aggression? It was just my way of bumping the thread.
  10. DOOOOOD. get a rig adapter for that and it would be an amazing oil rig!!

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