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  1. Syn 14"
    5mm thick glass

    Bought from a local headshop thing rips hard as hell and ridic heavy, GonG...also have a perc attachment

  2. Nice, how much it run you?
  3. Cost me $200 for it...saw it online for cheaper but hits stupid hard so not too worried about paying a little more for convenience of buying in person

    Seemed like a fair deal what'd you think? Any other inputs on pricing?
  4. Pretty solid piece. Very expensive for a straight tube beaker but it looks like thick glass. Did it come with a bowl?
  5. Yep came with a bowl kinda shitty and have a perc attachment as well :)

    Yea the glass is ridic heavy

  6. [quote name='"Money May Kerr"']Yep came with a bowl kinda shitty and have a perc attachment as well :)

    Yea the glass is ridic heavy


    That bowl would probably be marked at $50 at my lhs haha
  7. did u try haggling ?
  8. That blue bowl is from my old bong that broke, it did come with a new bowl, little strange to me


    Has a cone shaped bowl and thins out the closer it gets to the end of the joint

    Yea tried haggling wouldn't budge any dollar
  9. Juicy bong there brah, take good care of it. congrats.

    What did you end up naming it?
  10. Haha thanks mang...named it the Green Bastard

    Was blazing with my friend and both tried to do milk rips, got too high, coughed for 10 min then sat in silence stoned out of our minds for even longer...friend looks at me and says "man that is on mean green bastard"
    And the name stuck haha

    Hands down one of the highest I've ever been.
  11. Nice pickup, but you could probably get better for 200/that piece for less than 200 somewhere else
  12. Yea realize that now...saw this piece for $80 online but can't get stuff shipped since I live home with my parents lol and can't verify real/fake and risk with shipping even though I highly doubt this thing would break
  13. I hate to tell you this my man, but that SYN is without a doubt fake. I'd rush back over to your LHS and get your money back.

    First off, $200 for a simple beaker is about $50-80 too expensive.

    Head over to @LT and check out their SYN beakers. Your joint and downstem are at far too much of a horizontal angle. I've never seen one so perpendicular to the base before.

    SYN joints are usually very smooth, yours is poorly welded and not clean.

    No doubt it'll get you just as high, but if you want to rep a real SYN go get your $$$ back and purchase one off @LT.

    Good luck!
  14. Shit that sucks

    They don't take returns nothing I can do now...wish it was the real thing but it still gets me high as hell.

    What is LT?
  15. that's a nice piece, man, as long as you like it and it rips well it's a good buy.
  16. Have to agree with freshkush. @lt is a site. Search aqua glass on our good friend google. Happy viewing
  17. Honestly man it is fake, but who cares. Its a sick looking bong that is made of thick glass and you enjoy it. Dont let something as meniscual as being fake, ruin your getting high experience.
  18. wow the joint on that thing is terrible... just sayin

    besides that its a really nice beaker. looks to be thick
  19. I saw that bong at my head shop... If its gone now, I know where you live lol o_O
  20. Haha doesn't even matter to be honest... Its the best bong I've ever smoked and gets me high as hell...the thick glass really makes it.
    Just gotta be more careful for next time, but otherwise amazing piece.

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