New bong!!!

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  1. So i went into the smoke shop down the street from my house to get a new whip for my vape and i saw this bong chillin under the counter so i haggled the guy down and i ended up paying 70 for the piece, a new whip, two packs of raws, two white grape white owls, a bowl, and an attachment that fits the whip into the bong.:hello: this is by far the thickest heaviest bong ive ever seen, the glass is probly about a 1/4 in thick and it weighs 10.2 pounds haha. and i even had enough to pick up an 80 sac to test out the new piece:smoke:

    now i just have to decide between Prometheus, Cronus, Artemis, or Helios for the name haha

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  2. What a gnarly bong, Hit like a beast or what ?;)

  3. oh yeah its really smooth for not having a perc or anything, if you take smaller hits you cant even tell your getting smoke but when you take fat hits it can start to get kinda harsh lol
  4. Im feeling Promethius for this one.
  5. i vote Promethi just drop the us

  6. definetley Promethius
  7. prometheus it is!

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