New bong, Worth $50?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Fisk7899, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Picked up this piece at the local shop a few days ago. Want opinions.

  2. Depending on the thickness of the glass, it looks like a decent pickup. A nice GoG with ice notches, but I can't tel if it has a diffused downstem or not.

    Just be careful about putting it down gently or you may find your base in multiple pieces, happened to me. Other than that, nice snag man.
  3. The down stem is not diffused. My one issue with it.
  4. hell yea it is thats a nice peice man.

  5. Sounds like an upgrade to a diffused stem is in order. BTW, nice find at $50. :hello:
  6. looks decent, love the photo cropping lol
  7. Bummer. I suppose you could take your female, size it up with another and replace it with a diffused stem. For $50 though it looks nice, you even have some decal around the mouthpiece which is cool too.
  8. Looks nice. Enjoy your new purchase!
  9. Looks like a nice piece but beware plenty of headshops sell fake bongs and china glass i learned the hard way :(
  10. good deal for 50 forsure. nice bong! maybe add a few perks.

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