New bong with ashcatcher. ?? bout size. MilkShot

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  1. Got a new bong from an online store and I'm really digging it. Got a new white spoon as well as a mini bubbler.

    Got a question about the size of my downstem and shit. The bottom of my bowl, the slide, a cigerette(Marlboro Menthol)will fit perfectly in there. I'm wanting a new inline perc or ashcatcher, and need to know the






    The spoon, my wife got it at the sex shop 45 minutes away from's got another spoon coming from Etsy. I like my bong, but my Chillum has been my favorite so far.
    Click This...Its a link

    This is a friend of mine.^^^^^^^
  2. One, there are two different universal sizes.
    Big and Small.
    Pinky fits small, thumb will cover the bigger size however.

    Two, take your CLEANED piece into the selected shop and fit your glass to a piece you'd like.

    Three, if you are buying on line, read number one.

    And four... you friend looks 14.

    Edit, the pipe on the right, looks wicked !!!!!
  3. AND 5... ur friend is a little overwieght i saw some man boobs.

  4. I'm pretty sure the friend is a chick though..

    Wearing a girl guide sweater . . .

  5. Mines pinky.

    She's 21

    Thats a nice heady spoon from a local guy and I really dig it.

    Yes..She is

    Yup...She was active as hell when she was younger, but not so much
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    Heres a few more pics:





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