New bong. Whatcha think?

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  1. Paid $80 for the piece. I also bought a diffused downstem and an ashcatcher from a friend for $10. Pretty good deal. I named her Princess Jasmine.

  2. You could have gotten a tube that would be smoother and probably last you a lot longer for that price... An SSFG travel tube along with a showerhead diffused downstem is only $70. That would have been a much better purchase IMO :bongin:
  3. I was taught if you have nothing nice to say, dont say anything at all.
    Little pricey bro. And for the AC i can see ya got what you paid for. And whats up with kids naming pipes and bongs? Are you skippin your pre-algebra class?
  4. Looks cool man, good deal! Kinda of looks like one of those old style oil lanterns. lol.

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  5. Kerosene lamps!
  6. Yeah, it was my first buy. The AC isn't all that great, but im buying an activated carbon filter anyways.

    I just like it cause it looks old school, I guess. But yeah, I could've done better, but nevertheless, it gets me ripped.
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    He asked what we though, and I stated my opinion...

    I was taught that if you're going to do something, then do it right. IE, if you're going to buy a tube, make sure its quality ;)

    He paid $80 for a grommet bong..... There's not much nice to say about that IMO :wave:
  8. I had no idea they made diffused downstems/ashcatchers for grommet bongs.. lol waste of money IMO. Could of got a nice GonG for the same price you paid.
  9. I see you in the reflection.
  10. LMAO i was talkin to op bro. I agree with you whole heartedly. I hit enter and BAM you post appeared before mine. It wasnt there when i started my post! lol
  11. quite possibly the worst ash catcher I have ever seen
  12. I wouldn't hit that lol
  13. Oh shit. Is it really that bad? It rips wonderful.
  14. no bro its not that bad. im sure it buns down trees just fine. but gromet sytle bongs are for the most part yester-year shit. If ya really wanna get down to it, smokin bud is to! its all about the BHO Bro! Get yourself a nice rig and run some buds!
  15. No bro don't let this people get you down. Its nothing super but you know that. I'm sure you could get a glass on glass downstem to fit for like 10 bucks. Thats what I did with my first bong.

    Does it have a carb or do you pull the slide? As long as you like it man it was a good buy, it seems a little pricey but that happens to everyone at a point.
  16. Awesome, it looks really 'retro'! :) And like others have said, it's a little pricey for what it is (especially if it was used, or was it just the a/c & downstem that had a previous owner?), but if you were happy with the price and you like the piece, then it's worth it! :hello:

    It's just good to keep in mind that, if you browse GC's shop and the net, you can find bongs like the one below for around $80 - $85 after shipping.. the below is mine, although it was a gift and I didn't pay for it. It's certainly not a roor, but it's been great for what it is (4 arm diffused tree perc, diffused downstem & ash-catcher included).

    Anyhow, I think it (yours) was still a good buy, especially if you are happy with it. :)

    [ame=""]20" Volcano Water Pipe, 1 4-arm perc, comes with a/c & ice pinches ( - YouTube[/ame]
  17. Nice old school feel to it dude. Id like to pay maybe $15 less though.

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