new bong what should i name it

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  1. two perk with mushrooms on it help
  2. naming a bong without a picture is like naming a dog u dont have
  3. What's that girls name who couldn't talk or hear?
  4. I have a new bong aswell that i just got about 4 days ago... here is one shot i just took

  5. Any name suggestions for me? its the messias illusion 5 arm

  6. helen keller
  7. cant post a pic im on my ipod yo
  8. Name her Hellen Keller... Then when ppl ask why u can say " cuz this shut right here this shit is deaf and this bong will leave you speechless
  9. this is it ..

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  10. Biggie shrooms haha. thats a good one.
  11. Goomba. Idk why, that's just the first thing that popped into my head when I saw it.
  12. how much yu pay for it and were
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    convenient store
    and it cost $170
  14. Why do u people spend soo much on bongs? Id rather have some rolling papers and a half o than a bong
  15. You should name it "Alice" like Alice in wonderland

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