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New Bong [Semi heady dome perc]

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 32degrees, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. Shop in Syracuse for 190$ CCG glass GonG diffuser , heady dome perc and ice pinches

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  2. damn that is nice looking glass. the colors are sick.
  3. Nice piece of glass.. that colored glass in the middle is unique!
  4. good shit man.
  5. i dig it. that's pretty ill for the price, good pickup
  6. i dig that bong a lot, its really goofy how its a semi heady, nice title for the thread. It looks real thick and has some tight wigwag work on the dome perc, nice diffy, real heady. The bowl and tube work is ok, pretty cool insideout work real interesting, kinda prodo. Anyways not to be condescending in the previous statement. I really like it a lot, nice buy
  7. looks like a sick deal for the price! wheres the milk?
  8. haha im not gunna get a milkshot unfortunately, my dorm area is under really high supervision right now, nd they saw the bong nd are gunna be checking it so im actually gunna try to grow some cool plant in it hydroponically until i go home in december, but whatever im just phsyked to have found such an ill piece
  9. thats a sick tube man
  10. Impressive!
  11. #11 verde622, Aug 27, 2008
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    what shop in syracuse? I go to SU and there is a head shop near me.

  12. uh dude that sucks, youre gonna have that for months and not smoke out of it? dont grow a plant in it, and i know you dont mean a pot plant, just wrap it up in bubble wrap and put it in a box with styrofoam peanuts etc, dont let that thing get wasted.

    i love it, btw.
  13. did you just say your not gonna use your bong to smoke out of but use it to grow out of? am i just that high did i hear that wrong?
  14. yeah bro its that place right near marshal street, down under leather...the guy gets in so much new stuff all the time...hes got that huge like 3 foot ph(x) tetra with the triple perc nd splash gaurd its 425 though kinda pricey even for that sick of a tube. nd yeah guys i was gunna grow like a cool tropical plant in it for the meantime, the ice catcher will work great for the clay pebbles nd filling it with water and hooking up the bubbler down the downstem will make the perc bubble up really sick, itll work but im still debating it, i have a nice velvet case to put it in for the mean time to save it so we'll see..but thanks guys for the possitive comments nd the rep

  15. #15 ihugtrees, Aug 28, 2008
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    you must be high if you heard a forum

    sixk bong by the way. i always liked worked percs
  16. Syracuse man? i live real close to there..
    nice bong man =]

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