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  1. hey, this is my first post of what i hope to be a long career posting here. pretty seasoned smoker generally speaking, but i'm looking for some people to throw around ideas about bong recommendations on a $250-350 budget. i plan on buying the bong from a legit headshop in nyc (i'm from the area) like blue nile or village gifts if that makes any difference...

    i've been considering the mini lux, but i'm keeping an open mind..any advice or recommendations would be much appreciated.

  2. ADS makes pretty good reasonably priced bongs
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    Def check out NY Gifts, fucking sick selection of quality glass, it depends what your looking for, you could get an illadelph, roor, phx, pure, any brand name you want but it depends on size thickness and accesories

    And welcome to the city!!
  4. I havent needed a new bong in a couple years, boy they got expensive 250 350??
    that;ll be one sick bong no matter what you decide on lol
  5. ADS is not that great of a brand. Lux Mini is a good choice or a roor.
  6. How close are you to LI? Gotham is one of the best shops in NY, I suggest going there, you will definitely find something amazing for $250-350.
    Roor/lux mini perc is a great choice btw
  7. ^^ i'm about 35 mins from the nassau county area. i've heard about utopia on LI but i have no clue where it is

    where's this Gotham place at
  8. Gotham Smoke and Novelty
    681 East Jericho Turnpike
    Huntington Station, NY 11746

    Utopia #1
    2436 Middle Country Rd
    Centereach, NY 11720
  9. don't go to utopia, its a rip off, and the glass is nothing special. If you go to gotham you will only need to go to gotham. The headshops in NYC are pretty small you may need to shop around a couple shops to find what you want. I am thinking about going to gotham today but man its an hour and a half train ride both ways....

  10. lux is made by the same people who make roor...just roor stopped making percs in the us or something so they branched off and made lux, which is like a us perc'd roor.

    i have a lux scientific wit a 5 part mini is the SMOOTHEST bong i have ever hit, and anyone who hits it says the exact same thing.
  11. haha ok. so it seems like gotham is gonna be my destination for this bong buying adventure. thx for the addresses, hpidriver.

    perc'd bongs are getting some pretty solid reviews here. would anybody here go against the idea of the perc and go for like a diffused downstem and an a/c or should i just stick with the perc?

    obviously it depends on whether u wanna put a little more lung power into the bong hit or not, but for those in favor of the perc, do u think the effort is rewarded with those smooth ass hits lol?
  12. Not true. and Lux both sell perc'd pieces. is a separate entity.
  13. A good perc will not add much drag. A good diffuser is more important than a perc imo.
  14. isn't even open anymore. The people who blew the glass for started blowing glass as Lux. You are correct though they do both sell perc'd pieces...but they are the exact same company. And I wasn't referring to Roor Germany, only US.
  15. Yeah, you're completely incorrect.

    RooR.US is alive and well, putting out new percolated pieces everyday. Lux is a subsidiary of RooR, and they put out tubes that are of higher quality than standard RooR.US tubes, but the companies are one and the same.

    I really don't think you should come on here and give false information about a company when you obviously have no clue what you are talking about, man. Please check your fact before posting them. Hell, you could call up RooR.US right now if you wanted to...
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    Wow way to be an asshole lol. And I'm not a man I'm a girl so edit ya shit. Please tell me where you are getting this info from because the person who I bought my Lux from at a head shop told me that information so it's not like I was pulling it outta my ass. But you are incorrect about Roor.Us still being is most def. closed. So let me get that number and give them a ring? If I'm wrong I'll be the first to admit it but I am pretty damn sure I'm not.

    I'd appreciate it if you didn't call me an asshole. I never took names with you, and I'd appreciate the same courtesy. -Trikky
  17. is not closed
  18. please tell me where yall are seeing that is not closed? they closed in 07 so unless they re-opened they are still some damn research because i am all over google and everything still says closed lol. honestly if they are still open i would love to know so im not puttin out bs info to people.
  19. Just look at my sig. I have nothing more to say. I think I know what I'm talking about.
  20. They only closed to restructure management. They closed for a total of 2 weeks then. That's it.

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