New bong PLEASE HELP!!

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    Hey guy just got this piece as gift can you guys tell me what in the world this is? What's is each chamber called what does it do ? Is that a double perc bong honey comb on bottom and shower head on top ??? Also I don't know exactly how to fill it properly And what chambers to fill and how much please help ?!!![​IMG]
  2. I would start from the top first, see how much went down below, if not enough on the bottom, put some down in there, might have to shake a little, to get some down at the bottom.
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  3. Looks like it's filled correctly. You want about 1/4'' - 1/2'' of water in every chamber. But whatever works, works y'know? Nice piece btw.
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    Thanks! So you see the issue I'm having is the bottom chamber I dkn how to fill properly this is it one way and this is the other first picture you see i didnt fill the honey comb under water and second picture its under water and so its the little chamber inside too so im not sure if its supposed to be like this or what. [​IMG][​IMG]
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    It's the bottom chamber I'm not sure if it should be filled like this or the honey comb under water like in second picture ??[​IMG]

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  6. You can only fill it up so much as the down stem would overflow, so just eye ball it. fill it up until it's a couple of inches to the top of the down stem and then take a rip and see how it goes? doesn't need to be exact. :smoking-bong:
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  7. The second picture seems right. The top perc will siphon the water down to the lower chamber if you over fill it.

    Also get an ash catcher. Keeping a piece like that clean is going to be a pita without one.
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  8. more water if you want more chug less if you don't.

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