New bong perc or no perc

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  1. Hey everybody, Ive had my 17 inch HiSi beaker bottom for a while now and I love it and well to be honest Im getting bored with it and im thinking about buying a new tube...why you say?....well so I can have 2 bongs.. fuckin sweet right :cool::smoke: ha....

    I live in buffalo NY a great place to buy high end glass with heading to hertel and headspace ...both great headshaops with toro,syn,hisi, sheldon black, roor, sgw...and so on
    Seeing I already have a tube with out a perc and great downstem, I kinda want to
    get a tube with a perc..but nothing fancy and anything under 200$ but im open to options.
    1.)I thought about getting a syn mini showerhead but there out of my price range for now, but what about the syn dome percs...not bad priced seem sturdy but how do they diffuse and any thoughts on getting that(beaker or straight)?
    2.)or what about getting a sheldon black with no perc...those just seem like great tubes
    3.) Get a straight tube maybe syn or ehle?
    4.) WHAT WOULD YOU BUY FOR 200$ with my options what brand, perc or no perc, beaker or straight and why?
  2. For 200 I would get a straight tube with no perc and a nice downstem, then add a nice ac when you have the funds
  3. anyone else?
  4. I prefer pieces with just one point of diffusion. be it a stemless like a syn showercap or sg stemline or a straight tube with a nice Alex k downstem. I don't even use my Ashcatchers anymore as its overkill and takes away from the taste. Bought a j hook and use them solely as bubblers. It's all the same if you buy the good brands and will find that all pieces have their own unique character.
  5. The only piece I would buy for under 200 is one of those Ben Wilson 5 ARM bubbler
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    How about a nice thick 7mm US Tube?


    upgrade later?
  7. that us tubes looks awesome such a cool scientific piece, but too similar to the tube i all ready got except its thick as fuck, might have to go with the syn showerhead.

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