new bong peice i picked up today for 20.00.. very nice, pics inside

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  1. [​IMG]

    it was 30.00, but the guy was cool and gave it to me for 20.00 and just said next time i come in, throw him the other 10.00 - not a bad water peice for the price. colors are amazing
  2. Is that a glass joint on a grommet piece?
  3. nahh
    i think i can see the grommet on the slide
    there was a thread where someone was talking about doing something weird like that though

    blaznazn- hey, what is on that knife in the picture? mayonnaise and mustard? looks delicious

    happy toking
  4. could i use icecubes in this kind of peice?
  5. dude that is so sick! i was thinking of getting a bub but now i want my own mini bong!
  6. Decent little bong, the only thing you can do with ice is put some in the bong water to keep the water cold.
  7. Is that another bing? I think I'm starting to go crazy about those things!

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