New bong! Payed 300 bucks..

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    I took a stop at my local headshop i've been going to for the past 12 years it's been opened. I've known the guy for quite sometime. I was looking at this nice 400-500 dollar bong, Or somewhere around that.... lol. I asked him if he could do it for me for 300. So he did. Heres what I got :)

    Beaker base, two 8 tree arm perculators, Splash guard, ice catcher, diffuesed downstem. Each tree arm is diffused 2 times :)


  2. Its loaded wheres the MILK!:hello:

    nice piece!
  3. Check your water levels out, try and see if you can get the water in the percs to only be 1/2 inch above the top slip. Otherwise, sick piece!
  4. O yeah, I know. I did that last night b4 smoking it. :) This is before it was christened :D I'll get a milk vid up in like an hour :)
  5. subbed., i wanna see a $300,$400, or $500 milk
  6. Haha, thanks Blink 182 :) Give me like an hour or so and i'll get a nice vid up. This bong fills so nice and clears amazingly. :)
  7. Looks like a legit tube. To much perculation an lil to tall. But it isn't mine so enjoy.
  8. looks like a hell of a tube, too tall for my taste but thats NP, and I see you got the D2 strategy guide haha
  9. Haha, yeah. I get you. I can't argue with the percs, I love em. :) The tallness though could be nicer if it was smaller but I like long tubes, like my shroom bong it's just as tall as this one. :) I enjoy it so much.

    Also on the other note, thanks everyone for commenting :)
  10. Of course :) Haha, I like diablo 2, it's l33t :D
  11. I like diffusion but that's just to much water for me.But anyway it looks like a really nice bong.:)
  12. Nice Bong man! Very jealous. Smoke on:smoke:
  13. Would love to see that thing milk!
  14. milk milk milk

  15. I didn't even know they had Diablo 2 strategy guides...
  16. Looks good man nice bong
  17. I wanna hit it.:cool:

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