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New bong? or no..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Got Milk, May 28, 2009.

  1. Heya grasscity!

    Im currently smoking out of a 10inch, ceramic gripper about 7mm thick so is quite sturdy.

    It hits hard but isnt all that smooth, was only $30 though so i cant complain =]

    Well heres the delema, i have roughly $60 to spend on glass.. Im thinking of buying something a little larger then my ceramic 10inch.. I want it to hit smoother so probs will have A/C or summin..

    Now should i spend the money on the glass and be stoked with the new smooth hitting glassy and smoke the gram of cronic i have?

    Or should i save the cash, buy an eighth of mids for $50, keep smoking out of my ceramic, and save the 30?

    Should i spend the cash on sumthing else? Ahh i dunno..

    What should i do? I do want a new glassy.. But i dunno if i need it...
  2. i would buy the glass if it was me..
  3. Hm that is a very persuasive argument starduzt696...
  4. you need an ELHE bong.

    cheap as hell but its quality glass:) look it up

    k thnx bye.
  5. haha:p..i was going to write more but i kept forgetting what i was going to write:smoking: so i said fuck it
  6. Yeah i know what an EHLE is =] but dont sell them around here aye for some unknown reason, they dont sell any good brand names, no Roors, no US Tubes no nothing..

    Only stuff i can get is Australian Glass, which isnt neccicerilly a bad thing, but i dunno i think Australia has incorporated the "Drop In Cone Piece" as something to be proud of, which means you need a carb.. I personally think carbs and metal bowls lower the quality of a piece but its all they seem to make here in Australia..

    Whats happened to the lovely Glass on Glass Sliders that ive read up on so much..?
  7. Get a new bong because you will enjoy it for a long time and the mids will only last so long. Plus, it's just mids. You can show your friends your new bong and they will smoke you out.
  8. idk wat u want to do but dont buy an 1/8 of mids for 50

  9. Haha yeah what he said.
  10. get the glass bro, and please never pay $50 for an 8th of mids!! any more than 10 a gram for mids and youre gettin played
  11. Mabe from where you guys come from, but not around here. Prices vary guys.

    I cant buy swag around here, mids you cant buy per gram but is around $90 a quarter.. and dank is around $20 a gram..

    Hm ima think i will buy a new glass peice..

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