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New bong or an 1/8

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by portube, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. For a while now my go to piece has been this acrylic bong I picked up cheap which after a few mods hits pretty damn good. Lately though I've been thinking of ordering up one of those $50 blaze glass bongs, precooler, tree perc and ice notches. But what's stopping me is that I'll be heading off for freshman year of college in the fall. Should I hold off on a fragile glass piece til I'm out and just be happy with my indestructible tube. Or should I say screw it and try to deal with hiding that fragile of a piece all year?
  2. if your going to be in college stealth is your biggest priority, get a vaporizer
  3. Are there any cheap vapes that are worth a damn? Basically I don't have $100+ to blow on one
  4. I would say you should get a MFLB cause it doesn't smell and is super stealthy. Costs like 100, try to find one on craigslist if you want, the legit ones have lifetime warranties.
  5. They seem like a ripoff to me. Everything about them looks like I could make it in my basement in a half-hour once I got the physics behind it down. Also the battery life seems like it would be an extreme annoyance
  6. I could make a mflb in an hour the latest. Why would you buy something that you could obviously make?
  7. Yours probably won't work as well?
  8. Get the bong. I'm bringing mine to college next year for sure. Just guna have it sitting under my disk in it's bag and it'll be fine. But then again mines hella hella thick, either way I'm bringing it and whoever I end up rooming with better smoke haha
  9. Has anyone tried that vapocane thing? Stick it in your bong and it vapes the weed instead of ashing it apparently. I've heard a lot of good stuff about it. I wonder how the smell factor would compare?
  10. Save up for a MFLB, you'll not regret it (based on what you can read around here).
    You won't regret a good investment in such capital.
  11. Just get the bong or dont

    and honestly if you think 100$ for a vape is expensive, probably shouldnt be spending money on marijuana...
  12. I can pretty much guarantee that his doesn't. You just can't beat the quality build of something made by machines in a factory or by people who know what they doing when they hand craft it (as is the case with the Myrtlezap and Purple Days). Save up for a good vaporizer and smoke now.
  13. Your first sentence is so almost as unhelpful as your second hahahah
    So what if he doesnt have 100 bucks to drop on paraphernalia... Im a student and im broke as shit, just because i cant drop 100 bucks on new paraphernalia doesnt mean i should not be spending money on or smoking marijuana. (then again i have an extreme Q and many bongs, so i dont know why im arguing :p)

    People on this site mustve had bad experiences at college with blazing in there dorms. I found it super easy man, its all about being smart. Hell even the one time (an example of being dumb) we jamaican hot boxed our shower. Right after sparking our second blunt, we realize that it should be MUCH smokier in the bathroom. Anyways after finishing up we realize air was being sucked out of the bathroom (despite our efforts to seal off the fan) and being pumped above the ceiling of our whole floor hahahah. They mustve though people were blazing in every room. In fact i think thats what saved us because we were never caught or even suspected that night.
  14. The problem I have with vapes is the non portability of most and the ones that are just arent that great. All the portable ones I've used hit like shit, not that I've used mflb though. But even with that batteries only last about a bowl I've heard. And the fact that it's twice as much as a the bong I'm looking at doesn't help. As far as the I shouldn't be smoking if I think 100$ is alot comment. That ridiculous as well as completely unhelpful.
  15. give a nukka an 8th hell get high for a day, give a nukka a bong an hell be blowin bowls errrrrry day for life!
  16. #16 portube, Jul 3, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    My thoughts exactly at the moment haha what I feel would be a great setup is getting that $50 blaze bong with percs and getting one of those vape attachments. Would that cut down on smell as much as an actual vape?

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