New bong on sale, how much water to add?

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  1. Howdy fellow dabers! I bought a new bong because this was on sale. I've never owned one like this.

    Can someone tell me what kind or style it is? I search bottle bong...and nothing but actual water bottles come back.

    I'm wondering how much water to add. The bottom has a little flat thing on the middle piece. The more water you add the harder it becomes to draw, anymore then like a few inches of water.

    Can anyone give me some pointers? IMG_20190630_124036.jpg MVIMG_20190630_124044.jpg IMG_20190630_124036.jpg IMG_20190630_124036.jpg
  2. Add more water until you have bubbles

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  3. There are sure some crazy designs for water pipes. Friend of mine had one that looked like the starship enterprise. You heated up a piece of glass rod with a torch then put it on the bud and suck. Crazyest thing I ever saw. Before that, the most exotic thing I ever dealt with was a gravity bong from a 2% milk jug.

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