New Bong Needs a Name!

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  1. Hey everyone, bought a new bong today and I'm trying to come up with a good name for it.

    Its a foot tall, soft glass bong that is half yellow and half blue. It is also a little off balanced when you set it down.

    Sorry I don't half a picture at the moment, but I'll be posting one soon.

    All suggestions welcome and appreciated
  2. Isn't sonic half yellow half blue?
  3. ^ no..... lol.
    OP, lets see some pics =]
  4. This is how it looks

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  5. Barka the beast of carthidge

  6. DUDE! I FUCKING LOVE SPARTACUS SO MUCH. IT EVEN MAKES ME TYPE IN ALL CAPS. But seriously, glad to find someone else who enjoys it

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