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  1. The bong is 14.5 mm and the perc is 50mm, so no.
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    bro the size of the perc is 50mm yes, but the joint size is 14.5
    my question is if the bowl head the bong comes with will fit into the precooler
    also the bong has a 18.8 joint size which is the size of the downstem but the downstem goes into a 14.5 which will fit the precooler but the bowl in the precooler is my question
  3. get the 14.5 yo. the precooler that is.
    the bong has a 18mm for the downstem and the stem has a 14 mm cup for the a/c to go into. as far as the bowl on the precooler, it doesnt really say anything about it.
    im sure if you choose 14, both fittings will be 14.
    so the bowl should fit into it. as long as you get 14 mm.

    and it doesnt say anything about the precooler coming with a bowl, witch would be nice.
    hopefully it would.

  4. i'm talking about the bowl head that comes with the bong, and yes thank you i am getting the 14.5 precooler
  5. yea dude, the bowl in the bong should fit the precooler if you get the 14mm joint size.

  6. if the precooler has the 14.5 joint size does that mean the part that goes into the downstem and the part a bowl connects to?
  7. yea, it doesnt really specify unfortunatley, but if you choose the 14, both joints should be 14mm. the one going into the stem, and the joint for the bowl.

  8. thank you and im guessin the bowl is 14.5 since the downstem is specified at 18.8 to a 14.5 and the bowl is connected to the other side of the downstem

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