New bong! Need help naming.

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  1. I just got this cool little 40$ bong from a head shop in downtown oly today. It is about 9" tall and about 2" around the mouthpiece. Blue at the bottom spirals up to red. The guy at the head shop said he had one exactly the same and it turns all the way red, half red half blue, or all blue.

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  2. I like it
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    I went with the milkman he has googley eyes on the base now
  4. :cool:the bowl is his nose
  5. Optimus Prime is a perfect name
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    That thing looks like its name should be "Tunnel to Wonderland" cause when you hit that tunnel, you best be expectin' wonderland to reveil itself.
  7. Puffer, man that is a kick ass idea. Renamed. Pure and simple.
  8. Either "captain America" or bubblebuddy
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    I also like bubbleboy but ill save that for my bubbler. My username on here is to memorialize my first bong Bubblebuddy, he was ruthlessly smashed about five years back after my friend's parents caught us smoking in the garage. I was 14 and helpless to get a new piece so I got creative. But bubblebuddy was an amazingly thick cylindered gong and he was a foot tall and ripped like a champ I had him for almost a year and it was great, and like i said my first bong. R.I.P
  10. Name it the Patriot lol

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