New bong name ideas?

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  1. I was thinking "Paul The Pacifier" just an idea. It's about 15" or so uhh 5mm thick, glass on glass, simple lil ash catcher and ice pinchers. Any name ideas would be great! Lookin forward to some laughs. Thanks!

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  2. Pics dude don't bother posting without pics. :smoke:
  3. billy bong thornton, bong dylan
  4. I don't like the slides with water in them. I have a phobia of pulling the slide out to hard and ruining the bud. But i like bong dylan
  5. Smokey McBongwater.
  6. Dunno about the bong dylan but the billy bong thorton shouldn't be used twice. It should remain in that movie :p
  7. Dude it looks like a piece to a science experiment. Call it Einstein.....or Albert :p
  8. Barack Obonga
    Wesley Pipes
    I prefer to name mine off an epic event that happens while smoking out of it. Like if you saw a stampede or something that would inspire you.

  9. best bong name in the world.
  10. Courtney Love. 'Nuff Said
  11. shooter mcgavin
  12. The overachiefer

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