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  1. i am about to release a totally new bong unlike whats currently out there, but having a hard time picking the best name, I'd like it to sound cool.

    we will be launching later this spring, prototypes are being made now and we hope to have a working prototype ready soon. We will post videos etc and launch date later.

    If I choose the name you come up with, you will get one of our new bongs for free,
  2. Deadmans glass
  3. The bonginator
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    Well, kinda need to see the piece first to put a name to it. Otherwise its just some random name and not unique to the glass.

    Best of luck op and welcome to the city!

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  5. Green smoke
  6. Are you wanting a brand name or just one bong name??
  7. ^^^^^^^
    True Superior Glass, Excalibur Glass, Neptune's Ocean Glass
    Superior 4.20, Excalibur, Pegasus
  8. Big Black Dildo

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  9. This gets my vote, bonus points for creativity. If this man doesn't receive said bong then my whole life is one big lie.

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  10. You mean your life is one big black dildo
  11. Wat?

    Is your life one big black dildo?

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  12. Bong, water pipe, paraphanalia. Something along those lines

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  13. Honey bee glass
  14. Sandman Glass

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  15. the skin flute

  16. The Recycler

    Get it cause the sisha your smoking in it is having it's life sped up due to the fire burning away it's carbon. So it can be reborn.


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