New Bong Medicali Edit: milkshot

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    Bought a new bong today, head shop gave me a birthday discount. $60.00 off



    hits real nice :smoke::hello:


    I got a milk shot on my new bong, here is the b-day milk shot
  2. very nice bong enjoy:smoke:
  3. Wow medicali bongs look legittt + rep
  4. Damn... nice. I like the 'medicali' look especially since it has a beaker bottom... I've got the pretty much polar opposite:

    The only thing I'm curious about is if it hits differently because the holes in the perc are cut with a cutting disc leaving rough edges.. I've tried a slide that had those cuts in it and felt like it hit a little 'harder' than the smoother edges on my HVY... Not better or worse, just different..
  5. Nice. What do you say about posting some milk shots? lol
  6. Great piece and great price. Wish I could get a hook up like that. Happy belated b-day. :hello:
  7. wow that think looks ligit if u dont mind me asking how much did u get that for??
  8. fuck a comment on the bong, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE
  9. Word.. Happy Birthday dude.. and nice bong! :( im jealous.
  10. IT was $319 on the sticker but he told me out the door for $250. So it was a great birthday present. smokes realy nice. Ill have to post a milk shot. :smoke:
  11. 250$ is steep but its awesome never the less
  12. [​IMG] and nice bong that looks so nice i wish i had one:smoke:
  13. danm only 250$ shit thats a good price man.
    happy birthday man

  14. $250, STEEP? For a bong of that magnitude?

    Hell nah man. A quality perced tube for $250 is a very modest cost. Plus, i've heard quite a few good things about Medicali! After looking at this guy i'm almost considering changing brands for when I invest in my next tube! I know one place locally that retails them, i'll have to go talk to the employees there for sure.

    Nice tube man....

  15. $250 is better than $319

    Happy birthday man forgot to post that in my original post
  16. dang, i never knew medicalis were so nice
  17. Yea it was the first time I have seen a medicali. Hits nice though I like it alot. I think it needs an ash catcher its getting dirty already. :smoke:
  18. Fuck that's a nice piece. I'll be over in a few to help you out with that.
  19. nice cat dude, looks like a a mini lion
  20. Hell yeah all about medicali's. Just need to get it a ashcatch and your good.

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