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New Bong Makes Friend Puke

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 2313, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. So I'm graduated from high school recently and had a graduation party where a ton of people brought me yards with money in cash and checks. In total I made over a thousand dollars so this Friday I buy a new big from a kid for 50 bucks. He had to sell it because he got caught and I got him to come down fr 100$ to 50$. So I bought the big then I thought I would treat my friend and I so I picked up a quarter. My friend is kinda like the less fortunate kid everyone always chips in to pay for when we go places and shit so I always smoke him up cuz he can't rly afford weed. So we ripp probably like 14 bowl outta my new bong over a 3 hour period. Just like sittings there and taking fat rips in a car and the shed. We got sooooo baked. Most ducked up I've ever been becuz on the last couple bowls we matched with some kid. This new kid had a different saliva strain the contrasted out indica strain and made for a dank combination as the effects would be balanced. So we all take huge rips in his shed and are coughing like motherfuckers and messing around. So we got back to my at and we all recline our seats and just like talk about life and are basically taking a community weed nap cuz the bong hit too hard. Then all of the sudden he freaks out and makes a move to unlock the door oft car, so me and the other kid start getti all paranoid. So I unlock the car, the kid hops out in his driveway like 25 feet from his mothers window and just pukes his guys out. He puked a solid 10 time over 5 minutes and each puke lasted like 4 seconds it was disgusting. Is this what being "greened out" is? I then had to drive my moms car trough back woods roads to e those and the whole time I'm creaking out praying I don't Get pulled over cuz I have like 5 grams and a bong in my car. So when I get to my hour, I shut off the lights ony moms car and out it in park like 45 feet before my driveway. Then I put the bong I'm a trash bag with all my other smoking supplies and hide it in the woods!!! This is the best solution because if your parents call you and and search you they won't find shit. And it's always easily accessible when I wanna get t to use with friends. Anyways that was my friends and I and our harsh introduction to real bong ripping. Now that I've pulled the car in the garage, hid my big and stash, and showered NAND made it to my bed to type this. Now I'm gonna just lay back in my bed and enjoy the most amazing high of my life. One love people and stay lifted

    ***im so baked typing this it probably makes no sense but whatever
  2. Sounds like your friend had way too much, that bong really put him on his ass! Also one love to you brother. 
  3. Its called a green out happens when you smoke toooooooooo much or when you smoke while sick.
  4. That sounds more like a green out, but you can throw up from taking too big of hits.
  5. this might be your problem?
  6. Yea but it was over like a 3 hour period so it was like 3-4 bowls per hour
  7. I remember last week I got extremely high just smoking my bong and my buddies 4 foot bong, filled with ice. Still wasn't 14 bowls in lol.
  8. Hahaha my friends have done the same thing from taking to big of rips or to thick of a gravity. He either greened out or took to big of a hit. Feel bad for him but it's kinda funny,.

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