new bong just came :)

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    It just arrived on tuesday, and I wasn't expecting to be able to use it 'cause I thought my po was gonna drug test me. but he didn't and I don't have to see him for a few weeks so I was able to use it with a couple friends last night:)

    it's really small (8 inches tall) but it's even smaller than I expected. like I thought it would be "wider", but let me tell you, this thing hits like the fist of an angry god. I let my friend be the first to use it 'cause I wanted to make sure it worked first and he really wanted to use it lol. it has both a carb and a slide, but the slide is really long and fragile. big bowl and very easy to use, it is so worth the 30 dollars.

    I think I'm gonna name it sinbad:p
  2. Your bong just came, and so did I. Happy Toking!:wave:
  3. GonG for 30 sounds like a good deal to me. Can't go wrong there. Have fun with that
  4. Dude you should not of got that crap

    25 on gc

    55 on grasscity

    60 on gc
  5. xeah order some of these they are way better
  6. those are fucking ugly.:rolleyes:
  7. No this is fucking disgusting
  8. not gonna lie, they are right...the one you picked is kinda...erm...lame
  9. yeah, I gotta admit, i think the one you got looks like a dudes junk... and the 3 suggested all look like real (non man junk) bongs.:D to each his own i guess.
  10. my "junk" looks nothing like this, you might want to check your situation out man. either way, hope you enjoy the new piece man :smoke:
  11. yea dude nice piece, just be careful with the drug tests...happy smoking!
  12. No matter what you get there's usually a good chance there's a better deal out there. I mean shit guys, it's like telling someone that just bought a car that he should have gotten something else. 50 bucks isn't much anyways.

    Enjoy the piece.
  13. if you think it's disgusting then clearly you haven't used it.

    why should I waste extra money on something that looks tacky, over sized and totally not portable?

    we don't all have the money (or lung capacity) to buy a "better" (bigger) bong. all the really good bongs on grasscity are horrendously over-priced, so I got this one. it works just as well as any of the huge expensive ones I've ever smoked out of:confused:
  14. Wow... Everyone wh posted on this thread, minus the OP and ^^ are assholes. Just becuase you wouldn't have bought it, doesnt give you any right to tell OP what they should have done. So it might not look as cool as some of the other options on the GC shop, but all that matters is that the OP likes it. Take your douchebaggy-ness to another forum.
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  15. lol someone has a really crooked weiner or something. i would want to get that shit checked out too, by a doctor. ha

    i wouldn't so much say the OP has a bong, it's more of a bub sorta thing. nonetheless hope ur enjoying it man!
  16. If it hits like the fist of an angry God then you definitely got your money's worth.

    Have fun with that, I'm pretty sure you will!
  17. yeah, most of my friends refer to it as a bubbler. idk about it though, I'd consider it a bong just cause when I think of a bubbler, I imagine something that looks really similar to a pipe but with a water "chamber" below the bowl, and something that isn't as powerful as a bong.

    regardless it works great:)

  18. Nice piece man. Don't listen to these idiots who are telling you what you should of bought. It looks like new posters jump on the bangwagon of older members and join the bashing thinking they will fit in. Over all its going to get you where you want to be, High.
  19. Looks like a cool little piece man. and dont worry about people on your nuts about what you bought. If you like it and its worth it to you thats what matters.

    I swear half of GC is 14 year olds.

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