New bong! Jelly Joker

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  1. Jelly joker tansanit

    7mm thick
    18.8mm stem
    Ice notches

    £58/ 94$ with shipping

    What do you guys think! German made, my first glass on glass piece, company just started up.

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  2. Idk how German glass is like as in reliability wise but that does look a little pricy 7mm glass is nice tho and glass on glass is always nice
  3. Well its 7mm thick glass through and through, and i can only buy in the eu or i have to pay customs, vat, handling etc. so this is good value when local head shops in the uk are pricey
  4. great pickup if its 7mm german glass!
  5. Thanks man
  6. Wow that's super sick for 95 bucks. I would pay double for that. Lol at not knowing if German made stuff is good. is a BMW good?
  7. Not sure if German glass is good? Ever heard of Roor? Lmao.
  8. Cheers guys, its so solid and im into simpler set ups, the details awesome though
  9. def a steal if good glass
  10. Nice bong for the price for sure.
  11. Cheers, first one
  12. Don't understand how this would be considered pricey. Looks legit and sturdy as fuck! I would totally buy this if I lived in Europe.
  13. Nice piece of glass for under a bill. You will enjoy that for many many years to come.
  14. nice bong dude, im gettin a weed star bong soon. brought a few accessories too check my thread.
    have u considered a carbon filter?
  15. 7mm thick and german made? Thats a steal my friend, german glass is by far one of the best you can get. Happy toking man!
  16. Thanks guys!

    And i haven't ever looked at carbon filters, my first bong related purchase will be a showerhead diffuser
  17. Really cool grab for that cheap.
  18. Looks great!!! One of the main benefits of glass bong is that they look visually appealing. You can keep your bong on display while not in use.

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