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new bong help.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smoke or die, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Im going to buy a bong this week from a headshop. i looking to spend no more than $50. What can i expect for $50? Im want to be glass, have a slide (instead of a carb), and it must be 1 foot tall or bigger. Is this to much for my price range?
  2. Well I purchased a 14 inch straight tube glass on glass with ice pinches for 40$. Wasn't high quality glass, but I don't care. I buy what is cheap and gets the job done. But this was at a shop in Venice Beach, CA where all shops are competing, which probably explains the low price on it. But if your headshop isn't too expensive and over- priced, expect something like that.
  3. You might be better off finding one online for that price. I pay that for bubblers.
  4. If you looking for a good glass bong that will last a long time you should save up at least $100. You might be able to find a one for less but just to be safe I would save up $100. Doesnt hurt to look though.
  5. Dont think i can order one online i live with my parents they think weed is a terrible drug but i live in florida we have the harshest laws weed laws in the country so prices would be high am i right? Although prices on weed are pretty low.... 45 for an eigth of goood dank
  6. You can find a good quality EHLE glass-on-glass straight tube (12") online for 50-55$

    And how is 45$ pretty low for an eighth O.O
  7. Yeah man, here in Fl, it's like 20 a gram for dank and not even good dank, so I just buy mids (20 an 8th much more affordable) and am planning on moving to oregon or somewhere way out west, more liberal and medical.
  8. Oh and yeah I ggot a 6 inch water pipe no diffuser for almost 40 bucks so yeah prices will smack you in the face and leave your wallet dry, my advice is order online...

  9. idk from other prices i have head on this sight it seemed low lol

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