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  1. I recently bought a new bong today because my old one broke yesterday. With this new one i cant seem to figure out how much water to use in it to function properly ill post pictures of the new bong. any help is appreciated thanks!

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  2. You want to fill it up with water just above the down stem and before the honeycomb percolator. =)
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  3. Or if you want a little more diffusion you can fill it up to right above the blue honeycomb disk.
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  4. i fill mine just a hair over but my percs green :)
  5. Do you happen to know the name of this bong by chance? Also when hitting it should I leave it flat on a table or tilt it or something
  6. flat and it looks to be a female 18mm single honeycomb lampbottom
  7. its really going to end up a personal preference thing
    i gots a str8 tube single comb which ulimatly holds less water which will make a huge difference as water levels obviously change when the piece is under pressure(your hitting it) when you pull the stem all pulls downward so the main tube water level goes up...
  8. look at it in a mirror while barely pulling(just enough to turn it over (its hard not to think in motor)) only when your doing this are you looking at the actual water level under hitting conditions

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