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    What's up GC? Just cruised up to a local headshop and grabbed a new bong to replace the one my kitty knocked over. The thing is, it came with an ashcatcher I'm pretty sure, I just don't know if I fill the thing up with water or not. Pics below, I wanna hit this thing lol I' ll just be watching this thread

    Edit: Also I can't seem to fill this bong properly, if I pour water in the mouthpiece I have to have amazing aim to get it in this little hole in the perc. I can't seem to fill the bottom properly without the middle overflowing, and I don't even know if the perc is supposed to have water in it?

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  2. I don't have a perc bong but my friend did. To fill up the bottom part of the bong, we had to fill the middle chamber and slowly blow it down, I'm not sure if it'll work for yours though. And yes the ashcatcher should be filled with water to cover the diffusers.

  3. Thanks man, yea I did the blow downs part and I just took my first hit, all it seems is I have to get the water levels down, yet I don't have enough experience hitting bongs with percs and ash catchers to know if it's to low or to high water content.

    So should i have just enough water in the ashcatcher and perc to cover just the bottom of the diffusers? There's 3 different set of ticks on the bottom of each diffuser, should I just fill to one of those levels?
  4. Yea those slits should be under water for optimal use.
  5. I got it man, thanks a bunch, thing is ripping pretty smooth so far.
  6. you want just enough water to cover the slits of the perc. The more over you have the more drag the bongs going to have. I can always tell when someone put ice in my bong because it melts and then the water level of the perc geos way up and theres like 3x as much drag
  7. Drag is bad?
  8. Drag isnt bad to everyone, drag is basically when you put more water than neccesary in your bong. Then you have to inhale harder due to the added water that you have to pull through, drag is basically just bong rip resistance, if you want a smooth easy pull when you inhale then make sure you are about 1\4 inch above your difusers
  9. I hate intricate glass bongs. There a fucking liability man. I've had two fairly high end glass bongs with percs and ashcatchers and both were broken by either friends or myself.

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