New Bong, help please?

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  1. Pretty soon i am going to be purchasing a new bong for myself, and i would like some help.
    I am not very informed on making a bong purchase, I am an experienced smoker, i just have not bought myself a bong since i had a brother who would allow me to use his whenever, so i just purchased some bowls and a vaporizer.
    However, now that he has moved out of the house and it is time for me to make my own purchase, I would like some help on getting a bong that will maximize the smoothness of my hits, so preferebly a scientific glass bong, percs and maybe extra chamber. Though, i do not know much info on these things, i would like to get help.

    Some Questions:
    1.) what are some of the best brands when looking into a bong purchase?
    2.) what are some the the key percs that would bring only the smoothest hits?
    3.) from personal experience, what has given the smoothest hits for yourself?
    4.) what are some suggested sites or places to buy?
    5.) Some things i should know about bongs before buying/ Some info on parts of the bong?

    Looks are no issue so long as it provides a very smooth hit.
    Price has no limit, though i do want to get the best i can for my money.
    If possible, please do just suggest the best possible bong out there based on knowledge of bongs and personal experiences.

    Ahead of time, i would like to thank anyone who aids me in my purchase decision.
  2. A lot of those questions you ask are personal preference.  I do not like frit perc but others like them a lot.  I think the DG frit offers the most smoothness but at the cost of flavor.  All your weed is tasteless in it, so I don't like it very much...but it is smooth.
    Some of the things to look for:
    at least 5mm thick for durability
    pyrex grade glass for durability
    stemless design (newer pieces usually don't have downstems nowadays) so instead of 3 pieces (the tube, downstem and bowl) you just have a              bowl and tube.  It allows for more complex percs, and it's easier to clean IMO.
    In my experience 2 chambers are considerably more of a pain to wash than 1 chamber.  I prefer a 18mm joint.
    You should give us a price range, glass waterpipes can range from under 100 bucks to over 1k.  And headies (pieces with art work) can run all the way up to 10k+.
  3. Are you going to a headshop or purchasing online? If you go to a headshop, I suggest just asking the worker what they suggest. 
    Let the bong find you. That's how I found mine. 
    2) I suggest getting a diffused downstem, I love mine on my bong and it's definitely an improvement.  I've smoked out of a honeycomb perc bong a few times, and loved it everytime.
    3) My bong has an ice catcher, and although the giant 12 pound bag of ice I bought does take up a lot of freezer space, I now try and use ice in my bong all the time.
    4) If you're on a budget, I'd suggest the site Smokeday, because they've had this 60% off sale for so long I'm assuming that the sale won't be going away. Those pieces are not glass on glass, but I will admit one of the bongs I purchased from them was super thick. But if you're looking for a really good glass, of course try browsing Grasscity. But if you're able to go to a smokeshop, I suggest going to one (or even a few!)  
    5) If you're not on a budget, I suggest going for something pricey. I suggest looking at a few bongs, and not buying on the impulse incase you end up regretting it. My bong is the one thing I look forward to after a long day of work, so I hope you pick a bong you love! 
  4. Lots of questions lol. My only advice when people are buying their first bong is don't overdo the percs. I know too many people who go out and buy some 3ft china crap bong with like 4 tree percs in it thinking it's going to be crazy smooth, when in reality it's drag city. One or two decent percs (including the downstem) is all you really need in my opinion. You can also add an ash catcher down the road too if you do want the extra smoothness.
  5. Go check out the thread called 250$ bong... it has all the info you need on what good are good bongs.
  6. I'd go for this
  7. Anyways, in the other thread, we've all been arguing on the best scientific piece for a bit. Not sure what you're trying to spend, but if you read the whole thread you'll get a good idea of what you can look at. thedablab or grasscity have a wide assortment of scientific pieces
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    There really needs to be a "in the ballpark" price range... saying money range is no limit and you want the best for you money is kinda too hard to narrow down. I mean if money is really no problem I would look at the sg peyote pillar, illadelph tri coil pyramid perc with showerhead ashcatcher,or the 4.0 skinny double showerhead.
    If you want something less pricey I would def look at the stone glass works gridded waffle. I know alt has the 4.0 and the waffle.
  9. I'm about to make a milk thread here within the next few hours, yall check it out and join in!!! :D

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