New bong help please

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  1. I'm hoping to purchase a new bong within the next week, I recently saw the Black Leaf - 3-arm Perc Tube with Ash Catcher. Does anybody have any input on if this bong,for instance is a good buy for the price, does the percolator work well for the size of the bong (11.8in), and how does the ash catcher work? Thanks very much!

  2. Hey! Im In the same position Iam Going To Be Purchasing a New Bong Next week and Yes iv actually Read about the bong your mentioning, Havent Smoked it but the Reviews were Good,You get what you pay for and Its a Decent Price,I Plan On Spending around the Same amount as It Costs, but Im Going To a Local Headshop Instead Not Sure wich 1 il Get but il Post it On GC Either way… :)
  3. That's awesome if you can put some pics up of it, I'll def doth remake when I receive mine
  4. Ok I Will Post it On Here aswell if i Remember Haha :D

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