New Bong Help for a Starting Stoner?

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    Looking to spend around 125-175 for a good bong and ashcatcher combo. prefer scientific glass with a honeycomb perc and need something compact 9-13 inches. what are some good brands for a piece like i want? reputable sites? is smoke cartel reputable?
  2. Check out Grav Labs they have great quality pieces and ashcatchers.
  3. Zob has quality pieces in that price range. But more important then a name or branded piece is how well it works followed by how well it looks. Thin and brittle cheap China glass isn't worth your time. Either is anything local that feels the and looks the same.

    As long as it is a good looking piece, meaning it looks like some one knows what they are doing and took the time to get it right, even cheap glass can offer a killer bong or rig. I would go to one of those shitty tobacco shops and look over the utter shite they'll have on display. Ask to look it over and then you'll see what we all mean by cheap China glass. Then go to a reputable head shop and do your actual buying. Always haggle with them, always. A real head shop will haggle with you. I never ever pay the sticker end price. Also look up that piece or one similar to it so you know what others are asking for it.

    Also, a tube or beaker of thick glass, not more then 12 inches tall to start, thick glass and it should feel like you could drop it and it won't break, no more the 2 percs or places of diffusion or you will be forever winded trying to hit it. Also, to many percs and diffusion will make it hard to clean it as well. No one wants to smoke out of a bog that looks like a sewer pipe, naw meen?

    As far as an ash catcher goes, make it simple and make it deep. If your ash catcher isn't deep enough you end up sucking that water and the ashes it contains into your bong. Also, you'll want to pul the bowl from the ash catcher and then pull the ash catcher when you are clearing the chamber. If you don't, it can cause the water to splurge back up and get your bong rip wet.

    If you are looking to buy online, you can look at the city here but also look over at a place called dhgate dot to the com. Just type in glass water pipes in the sea have bar at their main page. You'll get about a trillion hits. Look it over and go from their. This is a place for all things China. You can even find those things that we aren't supposed to talk about here lol.

    Good luck broski! Just keep it simple the first time and you'll be fine. Post pics of what you end up with.
  4. My first bong was a biohazard 12in straight tube. It was $60 at my local smoke shop. The glass is really thick and it has ice notches. There isn't a perc but the downstem does have a 6 slit diffuser which is plenty for a smooth hit. Ash catchers are cool, but they also can be more difficult to clean than your average bowl. Your budget is plenty for what you want so you will find something great I'm sure. Just be careful with certain types of percs in a piece that small because they can cause splash. Good luck!

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  5. Grav labs bubbler is what you need, and far way less. Id start with a few small pieces.

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