New Bong = good life

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    I got a new bong today, and I'm hella stoked about it. Its a blue dot glass 90 and its made in Phoenix I think. Not sure though.



    the QT cup is the normal 32oz size so its kinda a comparison to show its size

    I'm thinking of naming her Carissa and get a yellow slide for her. Long story but I feel like it fits well.

    Or something else.

    And the second picture is of what i'm smoking today, some Master Kush, its DANK. Good day. Gonna load another bowl, yeaaaaah! :hippie:

    EDIT: image was huge, sorry about the rotation, to baked!

    EDIT 2: what i'm tokin
  2. Sick lookin bong! Enjoy that.
  3. my friend had one just like that! how much did you pick her up for?
  4. nice bong bro. enjoy that nice loooking nugget.:bongin:
  5. 60 at my local headshop.

    it hits so smooth though, way better than my mini one
  6. nice fuggin nug, grind it up and pack it down. and what model mac is that
  7. MacBook Pro 15 Inch 2.53hz. Its my baby, I saved up for it for the longest time.
  8. bad ass! I'll trade you my whip vape and a half ounce of og kush for it lol
  9. hahahah, eff that, how bout 2 grand?
  10. I have the same pipe pretty much, but mine's a beaker. I dunno how tall yours is either; mine's 21" I paid a bit more though, but love her still. :bongin:
  11. Pfftt I seen one on craigslist for $800. Damn that bongs bad ass I just noticed you gotta show us a milkshot of it. I'm tryna find one similar in the grass city shop.
  12. i agree with the person above me id love to see you milk that
  13. Dude $60 is an amazing deal for that shit.
  14. I agree. My local headshop carries bluedot's and to get one like that is about 150

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