New Bong for Xmas!

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  1. I got a new 18inch DBP (Designs By Pyramid) bong. It has a 4 arm perc with 4 slits in each arm. It also has a splash guard and ice notches.:D Happy New year!! :hello:

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  2. Fucking awesome dude! where'd you get it from?
    it seems like everyone got a bong for x-mas this year.
    I did as well. :smoke:

    have fun with that!
  3. Ha I got a new tree perc for xmas also.

    wow! someone in Philly without an Illy?
  4. Ya heh I actually just moved to Baltimore not too long ago. Ive never had an illy but I'd really like one.
  5. fuck yeah dude, thats nice. it does seem everyone is getting a bong (with percs, i am jealous...) for christmas. i am going to get myself a new slide but thats about it, if I spend more money on my "hobby" haha my gf will kill me.
  6. oh btw, brickpusha you needs to go to Docs in bmore friend is from there and showed me their website, some siiiiick glass, nice top end toro's, roors, illys, etc.... (would be funny if thats where you got it from lol)
  7. Very nice.
    How much did that run you?
  8. LOL I picked this up at docs smoking shop.. It cost me $189.99
  9. nice bong. good christmas present! I like beaker bongs.
  10. anyone else have dbp's?
  11. a friend of mine just got me one for my birthday. it's about 1 1/2 foot tall and the glass is pretty thick. it hits good, i dont know shit about bongs lol. he said he bought it online, but i cannot find where they are sold. anybody have any links to where i can find DBP bongs?

  12. Why did u bump a old thread?
  13. Google it???

    you prolly should, because posting links to other online headshop is against the rules...
  14. hey sorry for bumping an old thread. it's one of the few places where i've found DBP bongs from a search.

    <sarcasm> google? hmmm, hadnt thought of that </sarcasm> does the store have DBP products? Why would it be against the rules to post a link for another headshop if grasscity doesnt offer a certain product?

    sorry for wasting everybody time
  15. [​IMG]

  16. the same reason mcdonalds doesnt advertise whoppers from burger king
  17. your right mcdonalds doesnt advertise for burger king, but i bet if i went to mcdonalds and asked for a whopper they'd tell me to go to burger king.
  18. rofl.... good point though..

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