new bong for under 40

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  1. i'm thinking about buying this

    9 inch Glow in the Dark Glass Water Pipe

    idk if its worth it, it seems like a good deal and im looking for something that'll fit in a shoebox. any feedback welcome, also if i cant or decide not to get that particular bong i might want this bub

    Inside Out Hammer Bubbler

    i really dont like the design too much but i'll take what i can get for now.

  2. Hmm that site is kinda sketchy.. I've ordered from them before..but it took a while for my shit to get here. This one looks its from GC
    Molino pyrex bong - Dutch -
  3. Don't get something you don't want, that's preposterous.

    Edit: don't get the bong right above me, it has a carb.
  4. i would pass on chunkyglasspipes
  5. its kidnof boring but watevs, seems like it'd hold a good amount of water, also the carb is a turn off for me but im not hung up about it. plus its 15 bucks.

  6. You can always get a carb stopper...its not flashy but its cheap!
  7. haha good point, wahts that bong in your pic? i cant tell what the rest of it looks like so im just asking outof curiousity

  8. Molino mini bong - Dutch -
  9. DONT ORDER FROM CHUNKYGLASSPIPES, TERRRIBLE business you will not be satisifed with what you get. when you do end up getting it which will take months. veryyyy crappy glass, the bubbler i FINALLY recieved from them had such a small carb hole and such small downstems, it was not even usable tbh

    i would save up a little more and buy yourself a small EHLE bong. without a carb hole of course
  10. not bad, quality lasts [​IMG]
  11. i heard dodo glass is fake but im not sure
  12. i really like that bong man
  13. Thats not good.. I guess I may not be getting that mini bubbler haha. Does anyone else have any experience with them?
  14. bah woulda snatched that molino up if it had no carb
  15. There are alot of shitty/fake/scam glass sites out there sadly. You are best off ordering from good old or both very good online headshops, enter the code 420 at grasscity and you get like 15% off if it is still active .

    That or support your local headshop =)
  16. Damn :cry: I have been looking for a legit online head shop in the states so I can use a 50$ giftcard creditcard thing I got for Christmas. Also the smoke shops around me suck and are way over priced for shitty china glass, so I'm trying to buy online.
  17. yeah man if i end up buying it im gonna name it "casper"

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