New bong. for guest use only!

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  1. So I was down at my local headshop today because I got a pick up of some really really dense nugs so I bought a new 4 piece grinder but while I was there I saw some bongs, one was only 25$ with thick glass figured it would be perfect for when stupid guests are at my house and dont break my good pieces :) So good deal for what ill use it for? Already ripped it. Its smooth and easy.

  2. god i remember these days :rolleyes:

    that looks pretty sick for 25 bucks tho man!
  3. nice i wish that was sitting here with me.
  4. $25 is an amazing price for that... unless you're in Canada then it's a reasonable price. I definitely wouldn't use that for ONLY guests, though.

  5. I really like it to be honest I'm ripping it right now I need a name. My only complaint is that the stem is high from the botton of it so it uses alot of water, its also heavy as can be.

    But I like it had to buy it for the price!
  6. Where are you located? And I think you should name it... Sport.

  7. Washington state, about 1 hour from seattle. Sport sounds and looks awesome for it. Sport it is :smoking:. It rips really big has alot of surface area on the inside pretty beast.
  8. Nice man that's an amazing deal.
    Also, I'm probably going to be station in Spokane for the Air Force!

    And just so you know, I got the name Sport from the pimp on the movie The Taxi Driver with Robert DeNiro!
  9. Hahah nice. I'm still going to get a new one at hemp fest pretty soon but I'm having fun with it as of now on my 3rd nug.
  10. nice i have a china bong for guests also.
  11. I live in Washington too and i picked up a bong that is very similar for i think like $23 with very thick glass as well. Which head shop did you go too?
  12. Yuck! That bong looks nasty. I remember like a year ago everyone had that kind of bong. Filled in color so you cant see what your inhaling and the spring around the neck. Everyone's mom, sister, and dog has that kind of bong.

  13. Just like every thread will have its thread crappers and assholes...

    nice pickup. great for 25 bucks and it gets the job done im sure.
  14. I've got one just like that! I think my store here in Portland carries the same series of stuff.

  15. Local one in Monroe, WA. Across from the 711

  16. it's not as dark in person, and when the stupid drunk girl drops your expensive bong you may wish you had a guest bong like this :). Thats what I got it for. guests at my home.
    it rips very smooth and you can see the smoke its not like black.
    for 25 im happy about it.
  17. Fuck that guy, you don't have to defend yourself to him.
  18. that guy is the reason why we have bongs like this, so when the dumbass drops it its not a big deal and the boy is still gonna payyy youu.
  19. That is an instrument of distruction. :smoking:
  20. It could lso be used as a club like thing with glass that thick it sure as fuck will knock someone out lol. Nice grab for $25, Id hate to see one of mine break...I think once I get some real expensive ones (like 1k+) Ill pick up something like a 9mm US Tube lol that thing wouldn't break if you got in a car crash.

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