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  1. Hi guys,

    Just wanting to know what you guys think about this bong!

    "Black Leaf Bio-Haze.

    Large pyrex glass bong with reinforced down-pipe, mount and bowl.

    Product Details:
    Ice Water Pipe
    H 370mm
    Ø 55mm
    SG 2x18
    WT 3.2mm

    Nice capacity bubble, solid feel bong with shotty."

    I am adding a carbon filter to it just to get extra filtering before it hits the water.

    Is the carbon filter able to be added? I don't know much about the whole SG or whatever thing, it's my first bong that isn't a crappy acylic with gromets!


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  2. Come on guys, ANY advice?
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    Id skip the carbon filter. I bought one and never even used the damn thing. :D

    The bong looks cool man.

    How much $$??
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    Like $50USD. I don't smoke now (taking it up now, only the herb!), but I figure the carbon filter would be better than not for my health, carbon should filter out a fair bit of tar or what-not.
  5. Heck yeah man. For 50 bucks thats a cool little first bong.

    And if u drop it or something u wont want to cut your wrists. :D
  6. Haha, it feels pretty solid at the shop!

    Would that carbon filter be completely pointless? From what I understand it will filter out most crap and the odour only allowing the THC and a bit of crap through to the water...

    The water should stay nice and clean as well, no ashes will go through to it. :)
  7. It does keep the water clean longer.

    Adds drag and is just a pain in the ass in my opinion though.

    I own one. I hate it. :D
  8. With the carbon filter though, do you find that it filters it well? Can you taste/smell the difference when your smoking? I bought a glass bowl and it's far too rough for me, burns the back of my throat like a motherfucker.
  9. It doesnt make the smoke any smoother in my opinion. Its hard to explain. Like I said, its not worth the $ in my opinion.

    I personally wouldnt buy one...
  10. Alright, I'll stay away from it then. :)

    Ever used 'diffuser beads' a.k.a. airsoft bb's?
  11. your hitting too hard then. bowls should only hurt a little, they're meant for small corner hits.

    when you hit your bong, try to find a balance between getting the tube to milk, and burning it at minimal speed, just enough for the water to bubble. you dont want to be inhaling too hard/deeply until you pull out the bowl and clear the tube

    fuck the carbon filter IMO and put some ice in that bitch, unless you plan on smoking 2+ grams a day your lungs will be fine

    as for diffusal... it will make the smoke cooler/smoother but will filter out some amount of thc so find a balance... its up to you, i prefer the main downstem and just some ice
  12. Corner hits? I was trying to milk a spoon, could that be the issue?
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    Sorry to contradict but.

    When your hitting a bong you want to make sure all of the holes of diffusion are activated. You do this by pulling harder allowing the smoke to travel faster and reach the bottom holes of diffusion before they go travel through the water.

    If your pull too slow the smoke will only go through the first couple of holes and thus cause less diffusion to the smoke = harsher hit.

    You want to pull at a medium pace, I find if you hit a bong to hard, the smoke just jets out, instead of making nice little bubbles.

    But when it gets down to it its all about personal preference.

    Also, as for what you said about filtering and loss of thc, I assure you water and carbon will not filter out any tch.

    As for my opinion on a carbon filter, you should check if your bong has a defused downstem ( Multiple holes ) this will cause your bong to produce smaller smoke bubbles alowing for your water to cool more surface area of smoke.. This is a MUST have for any bong.. And wont cost you any more then a carbon filter.
  14. Okay, obviously smaller bubbles are better, but what about a carbon filter? Good? Bad? Pointless?
  15. The carbon filter is really only used for people with expensive bongs with peculators that could possibly be broken if cleaned and shooken or.. are just really hard to clean. You don't seem like you will be smoking alot so carbon won't make much of a difference in my opinion. Spend the money on a defused downstem. Do it and compare the two downstems, you will find the difference staggering.
  16. Shop doesn't sell diffused downstems, unfortunantly. I'll just buy the bong for now, can always buy another one later that's a bit better quality if I smoke up a fair bit. :)
  17. You should look into a better down stem, that would help with the diffusion of the smoke and make it a cleaner, smoother hit that won't burn your lungs as bad.
  18. So, it's a bad choice of bong then? It's fairly decent sized, ice prongs, all glass.
  19. Most shops sell defused downstems.. Hmmm, Its not a bad bong it just would be 2x as good if you put in an extra 20-30$ and bought a downstem..
    But yeah, just buy it, and if you come across a downstem BUY IT!
  20. Flash: Sent you a PM. Tell me what you think.

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