New bong, doesnt work! HELP!!

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  1. Hey, so I bought a new bong today, I attached a picture, and It doesn't seem to work right. The down stem is actually attached into the middle of the piece. But when you suck in the water just travels up the down stem and the smoke doesnt travel through the water. Its an all around mess. The people at the store said we were just doing it wrong and wouldn't let us explain. so now i'm stuck with an 80 dollar bong that doesn't work, or i'm really just not using it right. Anyone have any ideas!? Im gonna try and attach a video too! Thanks

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  2. Haha yea that definately doesn't look right. It needs a downstem and that piece going through the water up needs to go it seems
  3. lol whoever made that bong fucked up hard
  4. yeah we even took it back and argued with the guy about it.. he was a real dick. I asked him to just fill it with water and suck and he refused. The owner of the store got a nice email from me! :)
  5. How the fuck does that work?!
  6. he fucked up the stemless part, you got ripped off man ): Only way that's gonna work is if you throw a small downstem on there, but it'd have to be tiny.
  7. Lol, damn dude sorry, that sucks. just stick a downstem in there... maybe the smoke is supposed to travel up that other part lolol

    I hope you got a receipt.... idk if a downstem could even fit :(
  8. it doesn't.. i tried a lot of different water levels like the people working at the store told me to when i took it back to tell them it doesnt work. He talked it up like it was one of the best bongs and that it how they are making them now.. so there is less chance of breaking the down stem.
    Tried smoking out of it since they wont take it back, the smoke goes no where near the water and you can hardly light it because you have to suck so hard to get air. the water just goes up the down stem like a straw.
  9. Is try either a really really low water level to where when the water gets sucked up maybe the smoke ll find its way. That or you could smoke it with no water. Either way I don't think your getting any filtration haha bad buy shoulda looked a little more carefully lol.
  10. lmao i love chinese sweetshops lol. they fixed the downstem in the middle of the bong lol i guess they understand our plan like we do w/ their chinese crap.
  11. Rock it as a dry pipe. Only thing you can do.
  12. actually it you bought a downsteam that u made sure fit and broke off the weird thing in the middle it would work
  13. What's stopping you from just snapping the retarded tube in the center off? Then you could break it in to small pieces with a metal bar and pour it out. Then the bong will work
  14. No one likes broken Glass. The water splashing could make a hairline open up and bam glass al in your lungs. I couldnt break a new piece anyway.
  15. no offense but u shouldnt be spending 80 dollars on a bong if you dont know how a downstem works, and is the smoke supposed to rise up into that horn shape? lol
  16. I am sorry but I loled when I tried to figure out what was what. I saw the bowl but the downstem to the mouth piece that was placed under the water. I think it would still actually work, just a lot of drag. OP I would get your money back asap.
  17. I could break it over the guys head who sold it to me. Could you not tell by looking at it it dosent work. I look at the smoke path before i buy
  18. this is kind of retarded... it looks as though the horn is supposed to act as some sort of splash guard. and whatever that little tube is doing, it looks too narrow to really pass any smoke... nicely anyway. i say use the bong as a baseball bat towards the shopkeeper
  19. ^It would actually work... it would give you enough room for a downstem and the bong would function correctly. And if you were persistent with the breaking you could probly ship away enough to make it look nice and un-broken.

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