New bong doesn't bubble! Help!

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  1. Me and my buddies went in on a bong the other day- it's fairly nice. It's about 18 inches and has an ice catcher (this is the first ice catcher I've used so I'm unsure if that contributes at all)...But yeah, this bong just doesn't bubble when you hit it. Infact, some of my friends were drooling into the bong because they were trying so hard to get a hit (hella nasty, right?). It also doesn't get as milky as bongs that I've used in the past. After we grinded our herb it hit much better, but it seems like it has so much more potential than it's showing. My friend suggested that the problem may be that the bowl has a very small opening, so the air may not travel as well. Please my fellow tokers, help me out here. I need to get fucked up tonight!
  2. Your water level is too low. Or your bowl is clogged
  3. can you upload a pic?
  4. Chipsncheesef: is it possible that the hole in the bowl is just insanely small? It's not clogged and I filled it the same as I've always filled bongs.

    jb5355: I wish I could but I'm not with her right now and I don't have any existing pics :(
  5. Make sure the water level is an inch or 2 above the downstem, and yes it could be the small hole in your bowl. Try ripping it without anything in the bowl and see if it bubbles.
  6. Sounds like a crappy bowl issue. Measure the width of the opening and then see if you can get a bigger bowl at your hs.
  7. Alright thanks all. Hopefully I'll have it all worked out by tonight!
  8. I mean measure the part that goes into your stem, lol not the actual bowl haha.
  9. is there anything clogging the downstem?
  10. xD I know man...thank you. I'll post how it works out tonight :p
  11. Nope...
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    are you sure that you're choke is in...
  13. Is there a carb on the bong?
  14. Carb hole
    No downstem
    Wrong glass size = air leakage (maybe)
    unclog bowl
    try not using the ash catcher
    running out of ideas...
    make sure the water level is above the downstem holes
  15. If anyone's wondering, I got a new bowl and it did wonders.
  16. [quote name='"boikymar"']If anyone's wondering, I got a new bowl and it did wonders.[/quote]

    Nice man, just a one hole, or dd or ice pinch one?
  17. Just one hole :p...the hole on my other bowl was definately the problem, though. The hole on this bowl is twice as big, the glass is thicker, and it's much deeper. I'll post pics of the piece if anyone wants :p
  18. I'd like to see a pic, that's cool you got it working.
    I've had shitty bowls with tiny holes that are just awful before. :bongin:
  19. Right on man, diggin the bong its pretty nice. :bongin:

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