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New bong doesn't bubble! Advice please?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by boikymar, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Me and my buddies went in on a bong the other day- it's fairly nice. It's about 18 inches and has an ice catcher (this is the first ice catcher I've used so I'm unsure if that contributes at all)...But yeah, this bong just doesn't bubble when you hit it. Infact, some of my friends were drooling into the bong because they were trying so hard to get a hit (hella nasty, right?). It also doesn't get as milky as bongs that I've used in the past. After we grinded our herb it hit much better, but it seems like it has so much more potential than it's showing. My friend suggested that the problem may be that the bowl has a very small opening, so the air may not travel as well. Please my fellow tokers, help me out here. I need to get fucked up tonight!
  2. Did you put water in it?
  3. Yeah man...water is 1-1.5 inches above the bottom of the stem.
  4. Maybe hes right. If the stem is too tight you may need a new bowl. Is is glass on glass or grommet? If its grommet you may also have an air leak that you need to fix.

  5. I was just fuckin with ya. Does it have a carb that you aren't covering? Is the bowl a snug fit in the joint?
  6. Def sounds like an airflow problem, especially since you said grinding helped. Were really gonna need some pictures if were to be any real help. Particularly the bowl you are using and the hole in the bottom of it, your downstem, and the tube overall. You also just may be packing the bowl too tightly for air to pass through.
  7. I think there might be a hole is the chamber man, if you are doing everything right then it has to be that! Hopefully the bong didn't cost you too much! Taping it up can fuck your lungs up toxins. :(
  8. Post pics!!
    Dam son, everyone has a camera on their phone and still no pics D:!
  9. Bowl packed too tight? And if the hole in the bowl is really small that could definitely be a problem as well.
  10. lol this makes no sense. The bong you purchased doesn't bubble? Lmao. I remember as kids we used to nigrig pieces up that weren't even that air tight but still percolated. Sounds like you guys got a personal problem. I mean we can't see the bong why even start a thread without pics? So we can just guess?

    Did you put water in the bong?
  11. I read the thread title and was like..

    Then I read the first post and I was like..
  12. I won't be with it for a few more hours, which is why there's no pics :\...anyways, I have a few things to look for now so hopefully it'll get figured out. Thanks to anyone that helped.
  13. glass on glass :]
  14. does the downstem have a diffuser? that will make it seem like its not bubbling. if the water inside the bong is moving when you inhale, obviously its working. Diffuser maybe, yea? Only thing I can think of.
  15. If anyone's wondering, I got a new bowl and it did wonders
  16. Is that the new bowl or the old one? I wanna see the old one!
  17. Frosted Flakes!!!
  18. Sound like air is leaking somewhere Bro. Otherwise your inhale would be bubbling thru the stem, thru the water, milk, cachang

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