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  1. I'm a beginner to bongs but I've been smoking for a while

    Should I get this rasta roor for $125

    or this 11 arm perc for $150
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  3. that roor is sick get it
  4. dont buy anything off iOffer please. haha there are numerous accounts of people getting broken / shit peices from that website because you cant trust who is selling it to you.
  5. Get the Roor. The 11 arm looks like china crap.

  6. its prob safe if they got 100% good feedback
  7. Just dont get a tube taller then 18" no matter what.

    The RooR looks nice, that perc looks like low quality.
  8. I just ordered something off of ioffer, Im interested to see what condition it is in when it arrives, I'll let you kno if everything comes in okay!!
  9. Don't be too hasty. I own two 20" (one is 20.5") and they are both great. No reason to be so specific. Unless your too short or something lmao. I don't plan on getting some huge bong but if I saw the right one and it was like 24" I would still get it. But I'm 6 ft 2".
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    my lung capacity handles 18 perfectly. its just sits right in my lungs =)
    when you have an 18" roor sitting next to you, youll know what it means.
    but to differenciate between the two, one pewr'd one not, its tough.
    if i were you, id grab teh roor, and hook it up with a Soulshinefamilyglass(seller on inline ashcatcher.
    support our beloved Grasscity with one of these, also made from schott duran glass (same as roor)
    and at 7mm thickness, you wont have to worry about much when it tcomes down to durability

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