New bong came today :) and a suprise.

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  1. Hey guys, i recently have been waiting for about a month or so for a bong i ordered here on GC. well it finally came and for some reason it came with a 4 arm perc? it said it was coming with a 3 arm but hey no complaints here. The thing is kicking my ass right now.
  2. post a pic?
  3. yeah sure, and welcome to GC
  4. theank!..... i have no idea how to post pics but i think i saw a tutorial thread
  5. yea just joined a few days ago
  6. pic pls!

    you can try..

    then just upload the images.

    nd there is that turtorial page.
  7. PIC_0013.JPG


    Think i got it! had to mess with it lol
  8. Ill get some milkshots in a bit. Way too toasted to do it atm.
  9. W* nice choice. Was actually looking to buy the same exact one. I'll stick to papers tho :)

  10. Thanks man, i would definitely recommend it already hahah, it actually came with one extra arm perc connected to it so i was very happy with that. I like papers every now and then but smoke doesnt really go well with my throat :? gotta cool that shit :smoke:
  11. How much was it and what kind

  12. it was 103 bucks, made by weedstar called the messias illusion single perc - 18.8.
  13. haha, looks like a lamp the way you took that picture.

    nice pickup +

  14. Hahaha damn my bad on that. if you click the pic it should come up better :)
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    Sweet was shipping expensive?

  16. No i just selected standard, it was pretty cheap. The only thing bad i guess is the wait.. longest 3 weeks ever lol.
  17. yeah man mine came in like a month, i thought i'd never get it. fucking customs
  18. i know man i know. Post some milks yourself here go ahead :) i will be later

  19. Does yours have 5 arms on it? because i miscounted.

  20. First and for most

    Fucking awesome! I didnt know they upgraded there messiah's to 4 arm percs.

    second, there are single chamber 5 arm models of the messiah but I dont think GC carries that model.

    I've actually only seen it in a video with Ziggi giving it away as a gift.

    GC does have the double 5 arm messiah here though

    WS has some fuckign amazing new shit out right now

    Im just waiting for it to come to GC before I get myself a Mentalist!

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