New bong buyer here can I get one for $50?

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  1. I've been smoking out of my homemade waterfall bong for to long. I would like to buy a nice bong that is suited for 1 person(I'm the only one that will use it) that I can get for 30-60 bucks. Any Suggestions?
  2. Just look around local headshops, you can get a good one that's clear and everything, well sized, probably for about fifty.
  3. I haven't found a headshop around wher eI live yet, I was just planning on buying one online, maybe from the grasscity store so i can support the site
  4. Get a quality GonG piece. You can get an EHLE 250ML w/ icecatcher for $55.

    google "edit bongs"
  5. I 2nd this. I don't care where you get it from, but def get a GonG. EHLE is quality glass from what I've heard from scores of members here.
  6. You should try to hit up some tattoo shops and tobacco stores, I saw a 2 footer for $30, glass, orange and blue near the bottom and top. I prefer those stores over head shops, theyre way overpriced.
  7. i got my little pocket bong, its like 6 inches tall, for 5 bucks. It rapes too.. Got 5 experienced smokers ripped off one bowl. I named it Buddha

  8. ive got glass, acrylic, and homemade.... out of all of them i prefer my acrylic.... it hits so hard you'd think holyfield hit you.... if you want a decent bong for $60 get the molino one that is on sale in the GS shop... precooler and ice catcher. think the cheapest one is like $70 shipped.
  9. that is my next piece. gonna find a way to plug the carb, i love precoolers w/ ice catchers.... its a beautiful piece for the price
  10. Yeah I'm new to smoking with bongs so hopefully i can figure it out :p
  11. can someone please direct me to a U.S. site that sells that 250mL EHLE for $50-55 as mentioned? I've been searching around, but i've only come across uk sites.

  12. Google "EDIT bongs".

    Its from the UK, but they ship to the us.
  13. as far as i know you can only get them from UK sites as they are german made, but EDIT will ship to america and lots of americans on here have used them with no problems.

    EHLE Glass - Ice Cylinder Bong (Hexagon Foot) - 250ml - Online Shop

    I have the same one, good little bong.
  14. Thanks... yeah, i checked around locally (l.a./hollywood) too. All the places i went to had roor, illadelph, ws, etc, but no ehle. everything else was really expensive. The only problem w/ordering from the uk is the shipping...and the 250mL w/ice catcher is on order, so 2-4 weeks just for them to receive their shipment.
  15. you could try one of the german sites that carry them, they may not have a 2-4 week dispatch. packages from europe to america and vice versa are fairly fast these days.
  16. you can get one of those made-in-china generic ones which arent bad. or you could get a decent acrylic (not that i recommend it) but if i were you id get a nice bubbler:)
  17. one time i bought a bong for 60 i think. it was a foot and a half, glass on glass with an ice catcher, perc, and diffuser stem.

    without a doubt, my favorite bong i ever bought. it was small, and ripped like crazy for something that size, and that price.
  18. damn thats nice for 50

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