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New Bong and pieces...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ChrissyChronic, May 7, 2011.

  1. Hey guys just gonna tell a little about myself then get to the new bong/piece ;).
    I have been smoking for 6 years now but this September i was arrest for breaking into someones house that jumped my brother and i ended up beating the shit out of the kid and stealing his 2 oz and 400 dollars cash... Smart Right..?
    Anyway ive been on parole for 6 months now and obviously i had to quit smoking... but i get off parole this June!:hello: anyway my parents took my old bong , bowl and grinder.. and i need new ones so im ordering some online and i just wanted to share the products im ordering and maybe get a few tips on if its the right choice or should i go with a better company.. yeah so here is the shit.

    EHLE. Ice Cylinder Bong I Really like this bong just the fact that EHLE Is a good company as far as i know and its not too big so hiding it wont be a problem its 12' Tall so medium size i guess :p.

    Head Chef Mini Sifter/Grinder Dont really have much to say about this just a grinder with a keif collector... its about 13 bucks so pretty good price yep..

    EHLE SteamRoller Pipe Medium Size. Once again a EHLE product just for the fact that i like their products :p i need a cheap but reliable piece and my friend actually has the large one and it hits like a champ so i think ill use this when im on the go or just wana smoke a quite dank bowl in my room :D

    If you have any feedback please Comment im not 100% Sure on the bong so if you have any suggestions hit me up.

    Stay Safe and Keep Smoking..:smoke:
  2. thats my exact order from that site a month ago, minus the grinder, but I never got the pieces, stupid brits couldnt negotiate with my bank..

  3. Damn man my friend ordered from EDIT and he got his shit in a month.... what kind of payment method did you use? im gonna use my debit mastercard but yeah just wondering i hope that shit doesnt happen to me :S

  4. i had difficulties ordering from EDIT as well...
  5. ^yeah i figured it was just me, used my debit card that I use normally for anything online

  6. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  7. Beautiful
  8. rob, you mad bro?

    haha, generalized statement, im sure had something to do with the exchange rate or something
  9. For the grinder don't get a coloured one. The paint will chip off and you don't want to smoke that. Bong and steam roller look good, depending on the price.

  10. yeah im not gonna buy that i decided just gonna pick one up at my local smoke shop but for the pieces def gonna buy online my smoke shops around here suck balls for bongs and bowls

  11. i decided not to order from EDIT since there is mass negative feedback on the site what do you think about ordering from grass city? i heard some bad things about here but also alot of good things... i do love the incline black leaf bong they sell on here for 75 bucks and get a sick looking ash catcher aswell... any suggestions?
  12. if your talking abt what you seen in this thread alone, you should try to order, the problem in this thread with EDIT is just the bank didnt allow the order...your bank might let the transaction go through

    you could order from GC but shipping is slower

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