new bong and bubbler, and two slides :D

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  1. title says it all :)
    picked up the headford sandblasted bubbler for 160$ the sale ended day before i bought it :( sorry i couldn't get any pics of the logo the picture of the inline itself is too big xD

    got the biohazard bong for 230$...11 slit inline and eight arm tree w/ splash guard :D (open ended percs!!!) it's approx. 18 inches long

    1 slide was a surprise with the bubbler, i was expecting a normal slide and i get a LW DD :D slide and the other i bought because i think it's beautiful it's a royal slide the colors are amazing

    the DD slide is a life saver for a currently A/Cless person XD

    oh and if anybody is wondering 18mm joints all around

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  2. Nice pickups man. That's awesome that even the screen inside is sandblasted.
  3. That bubbler looks like a COMPLETE rip-off of the Ben wilson bubblers.

    I mean, why dont they change a few things about it instead of making it exactly like it!

    Same goes for the slide.
  4. I love the frosty glass.
  5. Nice man. I like them a lot, especially the frosted glass.
  6. @Seth...dude a lot of bubblers look the same i mean all sherlock bubs. aren't made by the same guy so does that mean they aren't good bubblers or sherlock bubblers for that matter?...i mean i can understand you saying that headford looks like LW or BW but its really the inline that does it, the general shape of the inline itself is going to be the same no matter what haha and as for the splash guard, i think headford has it right because it's also a place to hold the bub. as well. It's an opened triangular circle rather than a regular splash guard. and you didn't read the post i stated that it is a LW DD slide haha.
  7. all of them are just awsome
    not easy to appriciate a single thing all of them are so classy


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