New bong and ash catcher + Pics

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  1. Just picked all this up for just under $200!! It helped that I was tight with the cashier but overall a great purchase. Just broke it in with some purp we bought the other day, shes a beauty. Smoothest hits i've ever had the pleasure of taking. Heres some pics, let me know what you think!

    Shes a triple perc plus the ash catcher and ice catcher. Measures about 2 feet or higher and also got a bong bag with it!

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  2. this setup is definitely tight butt hole
  3. Clean looking piece you got your hands on man. Hope it serves you for years to come
  4. I have a feeling that ash catcher loses water pretty easy through and down the downstem.

    Also you have too much water in your top trees, too much above the downstem, and maybe a hair too much in the A/C.

    Enjoy it man.
  5. I think thats only a double perced tube, clean tho. Is it a no name bong? or does it have a brand

  6. def tight butthole
  7. First pic, it looked kinda fragile. But the other pics look good.

    As already pointed out, need to fix your water levels.

    Nice grab.

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