New bong and a 1/4 of some buds.

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  1. Got a new piece of glass. 2nd piece in 3 days lol but it hits hard and feels strong, I also got a pick up of 1/4th no name high mids. strong couchlock, very very very sticky I cant grind it since it all sticks inside. super fluffy so no high res or close ups. :bongin:

  2. what does the label say?
  3. volcano. just some cheapy crap brand but it was a cheap bong. has a ton of drag but does get the job done. I have about 300ish saved up to buy some killer bong at hemp fest in seattle.
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    ^^ thats cool, man. sick bong for sure. if it hits, then its good enough for long as it's glass :D

  5. So you'd rather have a bad hitting glass peice than a good hitting acrylic?


    OP: every bong has it's use, might not be a great peice but if it suites your lifestyle that's all that counts. Keep it real

  6. who neg reps someone for a stupid ass reason like that? get the fuck out

  7. you're ridiculous. did you really just neg rep somebody because they stated the FACT that shitty glass is better than acrylic? real grown up

  8. Wow, what an asshole thing to do. Like Judge Judy over here or something, fuck.
  9. i saw some of those down at venice beach yesterday, cool pik up bro. nothing better than getting glass for the first time with dank and hitting it... dammmm i wanna blaze right now haha

  10. You sound like the guy that neg repped me because he didn't like a song playin in a trippy video lol

    wish you type of people would leave gc so it would be more chill and not as stupid.

  11. Don't get -rep'ed for calling GC stupid...


  12. My local headshop does not carry Acrylic. Guess i'm stuck with glass :laughing:

    I'm getting 300ish $ glass piece at hempfest seattle this year.

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